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4 Ways to Help Animals and Shelters This Holiday Season

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
3 years ago

The holidays are hectic, but don’t forget about the animals! Here’s four PetFirst Pet Insurance approved ways to help your furry friends in this joyous season.


Shelters and rescues are always in need of money and useful items to help in the day-to-day operation of the organization. Common items on most shelters’ wishlists include cat litter, blankets or towels, cleaning solutions, dog and cat food, toys, and leashes or collars. If you aren’t sure how to deliver your donations or which organization to support, your veterinarian or trainer should be able to recommend a place to start.


Especially during the holidays when everyone is busy, out of town, or otherwise preoccupied, shelters and rescues can struggle to find enough volunteers to cover all of their needs. Volunteering is something your whole family can do; kids will love the chance to interact with the animals and do something helpful at the same time. Call your shelter first to determine when and what kind of help they will need. Even if you can only visit on the weekend to refill food bowls and clean litter boxes, this will help your local shelter tremendously during the holidays.


Many websites offer a percentage donation to animal welfare charities all year long. When doing your holiday gift shopping, consider buying from sites such as The Animal Rescue Site, Dogs for the Deaf, or the Humane Society, and a portion of your purchase price will benefit helpful organizations. Additionally, you can use Amazon Smile to send a portion of your purchase price to any organization of your choice, including your local shelter!


I hesitated to include this option, because shelters are flooded with puppies and kittens after Christmas when well-meaning families underestimate the time (and patience) commitment required to train, housebreak, and care for baby animals. However, if you have considered getting a new pet, researched what’s involved, and decided to proceed, the holidays are a great time to give a loving forever home to a shelter pet. And remember, if you adopt from one of our partner shelters or rescues, we provide 30 days of pet insurance coverage for your new best friend absolutely free.

Happy holidays from everyone here at PetFirst!

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