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10 Signs of Cancer in Dogs

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
2 years ago

Many cancer symptoms are subtle and commonly go unnoticed until cancer is in its later stages.  And, every cancer is different in how it enters your dog’s life. We have compiled ten of the most common signs of cancer in dogs below.

Sign #1: Weight Loss in Dogs

Weight loss is the number one sign of cancer in dogs. You may notice a decrease in your dog’s appetite. There are some dogs who may continue to lose weight even if they are eating their normal amount of food each day. If you notice your dog losing weight whether slowly or quickly a veterinarian must be contacted to determine the cause.

Sign #2: Collapsing on the Floor

If your dog collapses onto the floor or ground, you must contact your veterinarian immediately. This is a common sign of cancer according to Jake Zaiel, DVM, from Malta Animal Hospital in New York State. Not only is collapsing a sign; lethargy and weakness are also common signs of cancer.

Sign #3: Extreme Coughing

If your dog coughs once or twice, don’t panic. If your dog coughs continuously for days on end, this is when you should begin to worry. This is one of the first signs of lung cancer.

Sign #4: Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds aren’t ever a good, normal sign for a dog (especially if your dog is older). With older dogs, there’s a good possibility this could indicate cancer in the nose. With young dogs, there could be a foreign object in their nose as they are less likely to develop nasal cancer than older dogs.

Sign #5: Seizures

Seizures are a sign to watch for. Seizures can be a sign of brain tumors and are typically found in senior dogs.

Sign #6: Lumps and Bumps

Every single lump and bump should be checked by a veterinarian. Dr. Susan Ettinger, writer of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, always says “don’t wait, aspirate.” Lumps and bumps could be noncancerous, but if they are cancerous then you’re more likely to catch it early and fight sooner.

Sign #7: Pain and Discomfort

Pain and Discomfort is a common sign of cancer in dogs. Your dog’s instincts tell her to prevent her from showing any type of pain. If she’s showing any type of pain, call your veterinarian immediately and explain the type of pain or discomfort she is feeling.

Sign #8: Difficulty Swallowing

If your dog has a lump in the neck, she might not be able to swallow her food and that could be leading to ‘lack of appetite.’ You may not be able to feel a lump in her neck, but it could be putting pressure on the esophagus.

Sign #9: Difficulty Breathing

If there is a mass placing pressure on your dog’s respiratory system, this could result in difficulty breathing. You may notice him gasping for air or experiencing sudden shortness of breath.

Sign #10: Discharge from the Nose or Eyes

If you’re noticing discharge from your dog’s nose and/or eyes, this could be an early sign of a facial tumor or an eye tumor.

Be sure to consult your veterinarian should you have any concerns or suspect something might be wrong. And don’t forget PetFirst Pet Insurance is here to help with the exams and treatments related to these symptoms. Purchasing a policy early will ensure that you are covered for any future illness or accident. Get a quote today.  

Guest Blogger: Amber L. Drake

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