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Mutt Ginger Gets Mouth Stung by Bee, Gets Throat Examined & Receives Steroids

by PetFirst
7 years ago

Ginger is a 2-year-old Staffordshire/Golden/Mutt mix who has an attraction to chasing bumble bees!  We were watching her for the first time as she ambushed the lavender bushes trying to chase out the bumble bees.  Then she would run around jumping and chomping at them.  Most times she misses, then there’s times she doesn’t!  Most recently she caught one and she tried to swallow it and it stung her.  She was really quiet about it so we didn’t think anything was wrong.  Then she tried to eat and drink and it was like she was choking.

That’s when we panicked.  I’ve had anaphylaxis, so we wasted no time getting her to the emergency vet.  Knowing she had pet insurance coverage made us not even think twice about rushing her to the vet.  We’d do anything for our “kids”, but knowing you have pet insurance makes the decision so much easier.  The vet looked in her mouth and everything but decided they wanted to put a camera down her throat to make sure it wasn’t continuing to swell or that there was damage.  So they knocked her out, she’s a big girl and a bit much to handle.  They used the camera to make sure her throat was okay.

No damage was found, but they put her on large doses of steroids and Benadryl for a couple days.  After sleeping it off, Ginger was a bit sore so it was soft food for a couple days, then she was as good as new.  We followed up with our regular vet and she got a clean bill of health, however a stern warning.  Thanks to our pet insurance policy, we were reimbursed $448.94.

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