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Dogs Buttercup & Pumpkin Are Healthy, But Owners Love the Peace of Mind of Insurance

by PetFirst
5 years ago

Buttercup was adopted at birth from Poodle Rescue of Houston. Her mom was a surrender when she was pregnant.  She had four puppies and we chose our Buttercup. She was apricot colored at birth which is why we chose her name. She is the happiest dog. She loves to eat, play with our other dog Pumpkin, do tricks, and to have her tummy rubbed! She hates to be alone and follows me everywhere!

Pumpkin is a stray we adopted in October when she was 7 months old. The volunteer at the poodle rescue interviewed us and showed us all of the puppies and then she said: “I know the dog for you!”  She took us back to the kennel with the adult dogs and got out Pumpkin. She was a mess. She was a little smelly but as soon as my daughter and I saw her we knew she was ours. We brought Buttercup the next day to meet her and they loved each other. We took her home and she has fit in our home seamlessly. Buttercup loved her immediately and we all adore her. She is so sweet, you cannot get mad at her. She is a love sponge and she soaks up all of the attention she can get. She loves to be outside. She is happy, smart and loves to chew!

Buttercup and Pumpkin are names I called my girls when they were babies. The dogs are our babies now and my husband, two daughters and I adore them! Although we have been blessed with two healthy dogs, we love the peace of mind we have knowing that we have insurance on Buttercup. The insurance is a guardian angel for us!

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