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Life Expectancy: 10 – 18 years
Dog Breed Group: Companion Dogs
Weight: 3 – 6 lbs.
Height: 6 – 9 inches

Where Does the Chihuahua Rank?

See where this beloved breed ranks in comparison to other breeds in 7 key categories.


10 out of 10 rankingThe Chihuahua is an easy-to-train, eager to please breed.


Shedding Friendliness

8 out of 10 rankingThe Chihuahua is not an extreme shedder.


Ease of Grooming

8 out of 10 rankingChihuahuas require minimal grooming. Brushing once per week is sufficient. Baths are only necessary once every month to once every two months.


Chihuahuas are prone to many health risks and injury. Fracturing, small object ingestion, and eye diseases are some of the most common health issues. This breed is small and fragile.

Exercise Needs

4 out of 10 rankingYour Chihuahua does not require a significant amount of exercise; however, they do enjoy following you around where ever you may go.

Good with Children

The Chihuahua may become snappy under stressful conditions. They are also not recommended in homes with children due to their potential to become easily injured.

Barking Restraint

4 out of 10 rankingBarking is unique to each dog in this breed; some dogs may bark excessively whereas others may not have a barking problem.


What You Need to Know About Chihuahua Dogs


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is not a simple breed to ‘generalize’ due to each individual dog being completely unique. Some Cavaliers are extremely quiet and lazy whereas others may be overly energetic and mischievous. The only generalization which may be made is they are all attention-seekers and they are all extremely affectionate.


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an intelligent breed and responds well to training. Positive reinforcement ensures the training process goes smoothly. Cavaliers are very sensitive so be sure not to hurt their feelings throughout the training process.

Cavaliers sometimes have trouble with housetraining; however, if you are consistent in their routine they become housetrained fairly easily.


Cavaliers have medium-length coats which are fairly simple to maintain. They simply need to be brushed three to four times per week. The feathering on their ears and legs is prone to tangles so there may be mats which develop that need brushed out.

Health Problems

Patellar Luxation – This is a common problem found in small breeds. Patellar luxation occurs when the three parts of the “knee” are not properly lined up (femur, patella, tibia).

Hypoglycemia – Low blood sugar is a common problem with all toy breeds.

Heart murmur – Heart murmurs are caused by an issue with the blood flow through the chambers of the heart.

Pulmonic Stenosis – Pulmonic Stenosis is a congenital heart disease which occurs when blood does not flow properly through the heart due to malformation of the pulmonic valve.

Collapsed Trachea – Collapsed trachea is possible in this breed.

Top 10 Most Common Health Issues for Chihuahua

  1. Dental disease
  2. Weak windpipe
  3. Loose knee joints
  4. Patellar luxation
  5. Hypoglycemia
  6. Heart murmur
  7. Pulmonic stenosis
  8. Liver shunt (liver disease) 
  9. Hereditary eye diseases
  10. Injuries – fractures, concussions, choking

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