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6 Best Dog Breeds For Children

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago

One of the great things about dogs is they come in all shapes and sizes, which includes different temperaments and traits according to their specific breed. Simply put, some dogs are simply better equipped to deal with children compared to others.

For example, many smaller dogs who are high strung, like Chihuahuas have a very short temper and may not react well to curious toddlers who may poke and prod them. This is not to say that all small animals a good match for small children, but some of them are more patient than others. Want to know the best dog breeds for children, here’s eight examples of dogs that get along very well with children:

  1. Golden Retriever – You’ll likely see this popular pet on the top of many lists for the best dog to tag along with a child. This gentle, kind and intelligent dog is also known to be extremely patient, which makes them an excellent companion for a kid. Like their previously mentioned retrieving partner, they very active and energetic so they’ll need a lot of exercise.
  2. Labrador Retriever – This friendly animal would likely tie for the number one spot with the other retriever on our list, and their seemingly undying love for fetching makes them an excellent playmate. Intelligent and kind like their “golden kin” makes them a perfect choice for a child.
  3. Standard Poodle – Although these dogs require a great deal of grooming, they’re also a good choice for those suffering from allergies since they shed very little. This dog is known to be very active besides their often pampered looking appearance, so be sure they get plenty of exercise. Caring and loyal, they’re a great choice as a companion for a child.
  4. Irish Setter – Instantly recognized by their gorgeous, red, flowing coats, these Setters love being around people, especially children. Playful and energetic, these are a good match for kids who love to play, be active and are full of energy.
  5. Collie – You’ll probably think of Lassie when it comes to this breed commonly seen being playful with children. Collies are known to be gentle, intelligent and well mannered, originally bred for their herding skills. As adorable as it may be, if they attempt this behavior with children, you should discourage them for doing so due to the risk of injury.
  6. Bulldog – Short in stature, but big on personality, this bullish little breed has a sturdy build that can withstand a great deal of playing and a little bit of roughhousing. They aren’t know to be particularly active pets, so they’re a great choice for those living in apartments. They’re excellent with kids and get along with other animals as well.

When choosing a dog as a pet, don’t forget to think about getting one from your local shelter. According to American Humane Society statistics, 25% of dogs found in these shelters are purebred. Although people who work at shelters may not be able to tell you the exact lineage of a dog, they’ll give you a general idea of what breed of animal it is, how old they are, exactly what you’re getting and what to expect.


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