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5 Popular Dog Breeds And Their Common Health Problems

by MetLife Pet Insurance
4 years ago


Whether your family has owned a specific dog breed for generations, or this is your first time, it is important to know that certain dog breeds are prone to specific health conditions. The health of dog breeds is important information to have as your dog ages. If you own one of the following breeds, keep an eye out for these illnesses and talk to your vet about preventative pet care.


The structure of the bulldog’s nose and throat make them extra prone to respiratory issues. While snoring and mild huffing are to be expected, be sure to never let them get overheated. Their body will not be able to keep up with the demands of rigorous exercise, so watch their breathing while playing in the park on a hot summer day. 

Labrador Retriever 

As labs age, and are not exercising as much, they are at risk for obesity and cardiovascular issues. The best way to prevent this is to keep your dog active for as long as possible. Labrador Retrievers are also more genetically prone to eye issues such as cataracts.

German Shepherds 

These loyal pooches are especially prone to hip dysplasia. This is when the hip bone does not quite sit in the socket. This condition generally develops in older dogs, leading to arthritis and pain. If you start to notice that your once-active German Shepherd is having trouble walking, have them screened by your vet.


This breed is more susceptible to developing cancer than many other breeds. They are especially prone to lymphoma and mast cell tumors, so it is important to have them examined by your vet regularly. You can also help in early detection by checking your boxer for lumps on their body.

Cocker Spaniels 

Similar to other breeds with long, floppy ears, cockers are at risk for ear infections. Flip their ears up occasionally and keep the hair around their ears short to allow the ear canals to stay dry. If your cocker spaniel does get an ear infection, your vet will be able to give you ear drops to use at home.

Pet owners in the United States spend $12.56 billion on pet supplies and over-the-counter pet medication every year. We are investing in the health of dog breeds, so it important to be aware of what health conditions may be around the corner. By providing a healthy lifestyle for your dog and scheduling regular vet checkups, they can live the most vital life possible.

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