Did you know? Our average plan is around $25 a month. Use any licensed vet, anywhere. No vet exam required to sign up. Enroll online & save!

PetFirst Comparison

So you've decided to make the jump and get pet insurance for your pet. Congratulations! You're one big step closer to being able to rest easy knowing you can afford care for your dog or cat.

There are a lot of providers in the marketplace, so why should you choose PetFirst?

No lifetime payout cap
Our Lifetime pet insurance plans offer comprehensive accident and illness coverage for dogs and cats of all ages and breeds.

No vet exam needed to sign up. No benefit schedules.
Unlike some of our competitors, your pet does not need a vet exam to get coverage, nor do we pay on a benefits schedule. We reimburse you based on the actual cost of your vet bill.

Only PetFirst has family plans!
With PetFirst pet insurance you can have up to 3 pets share a plan.

We cover senior pets
Pets age 10 and older can enjoy the same coverage as any age pet

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