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Pet Insurance Reviews

We understand how important it is to check reviews for companies before purchasing a product - especially when it involves protecting your precious pup and feline baby. At PetFirst, our goal is to provide the best pet insurance plans for pet parents, as well as great customer service. But, don't take our word for it! See what some of our pet parents are saying about us on review sites and pet insurance comparison sites.

PetInsuranceReview.com Reviews
10/10     I learned my lesson!!
I always rescue my dogs, but in a weak moment, I purchased an adorable puppy from a breeder a few years ago. I was assured that the puppy was vaccinated and in good health, but he soon fell ill from a common puppy disease. I had no insurance, and wound up spending $5,000 in vet bills. In the end, my puppy died anyway. Not only was it devastating to my family, it was a costly lesson. I recently adopted a mutt from a rescue group and will not allow anything like that to ever happen again! Scooby is worth any medical care he may need if anything ever happens. So far, Petfirst has given me peace of mind and Scooby has given me lots of laughs and love!!!
heather, 10/28/2016
10/10     Dependable
our dog Greta had to have surgery to correct a blocked bile duct which affected her liver and gallbladder. This was necessary to save her life . The total care was over $5,000.00 . Within two weeks of summiting our claim Pets First issued us a $5,000.00 check. The total of our insurance coverage. Thank you Pets First for helping us , help our baby.
Alicia williams, 10/25/2016
10/10     I'm so glad I decided to get Petfirst Pet Insurance
I had heard of pet insurance but really didn't believe in it much. A friend's dog was diagnosed with Addison's disease and her vet bills were outrageous. I decided to look into it and PetFirst was the best plan I could find that would cover all the conditions my dachshund was prone to and was a good value given her older age. I'm so glad I got pet insurance because it really made Zoey's diagnosis easier to handle knowing I was covered.
Amber Windell, 9/30/2016
10/10     PetFirst is affordable and hassle free.
I searched for months for a pet insurance that would accept elderly dogs and cover breeding emergencies. Pet First is the only one that covered all my needs and is surprising affordable. My 15 year old poodle needed growths removed and the claim was handled quickly and efficiently. The procedure ended up only costing me fifty dollars. For a small additional fee the breeder's rider gives me peace of mind in case there should ever be an emergency puppy delivery. I tell everyone who adopts one of my puppies about Pet First. It's a great value for peace of mind.
Donna Herald, 9/29/2016
10/10     Great customer service. Quick processing.
We adopted a senior Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua about 4 months ago from a shelter and he suddenly came down with a bad cough over the weekend. After a weekend emergency vet visit and a visit to our regular vet on Monday, he was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis. This was our first claim with PetFirst. I took the time to carefully read all the instructions on which documents were required to submit a claim. I also called customer service to make sure I had everything they needed before I submitted the claim via email. I was notified promptly via email that they received the claim, when the claim was being processed and then the amount that I would be reimbursed. Since this was our first claim, I called with questions on the reimbursed amount which customer service explained to me. All good! Very happy with the process, the customer services and the PetFirst product.
Kathy Odell, 8/31/2016
9/10     Outstanding Service!
I've only had to claim a few issues with my Lab, however each time PetFirst has been there and helped me with any questions I had and with prompt responses to claims! Everyone that asks if I have pet insurance gets an exuberant "YES, PetFirst!"
Topher, 8/19/2016

Consumers Advocate Reviews

Pet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.png    Chelsea Carroll, 6/10/2016

Our dog ate some Hydroxycut that spilled on the floor. We had no idea how many he ate since the entire bottled spilled. We rushed him to the emergency vet where he had his stomach pumped and had to stay for observation. Thankfully, he was okay - I think mom and dad were more scared than he was. This pet insurance allowed us to not worry about the price of treatment. We got our money back quickly and I'm sure we will be using it again since he has the habit of eating things he shouldn't.

Pet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.png     Dani S., 8/19/2015

I have had Pet First since my Boxer was 4 months. When he turned 5 and his renewal was up I was not going to increase his coverage b/c he was healthy. The agent on the phone recommended that I should b/c of his age/breed etc. I have had 2 other Boxers who died VERY young so I thought about it and it was only $20/more...GOOD THING I did. 1 month later my dog started acting VERY strange....3 months later he collapsed..HE HAS HEART ARRYTHMIAS..6 months later he had a heart attack... He takes 8 different medications A DAY ($500 every 30 days), wears a heart monitor every 4-6 months ($600), blood test every 3 months ($200) not to mention ER visits when he's breathing different...AND he has some back/knee problems..THANK GODNESS I changed his plan & I have insurance! He is doing FABULOUS! Just had a full blood panel done last week and a heart monitor!!! HE IS A TOUGH BOY! The key is keeping him calm!

Pet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.png      Ryan M., 2/2/2015

Our 6-year-old Shih Tzu, Ari, was getting a belly/back rub when my wife noticed a couple of hard bumps on his backside and a large soft lump near his esophagus. After a visit with the vet, they recommended removing them and sending them off to test for cancer. The good news is that Ari was cancer free, the bad news was, after the initial removal of the lumps, he ate through his stitches twice and ended up with staples after our third time to the animal hospital. PetFirst was so easy to use and we received a check for $329.45 in the mail for ALL of the visits to the vet- more than I had expected would be covered. I was concerned about my policy not covering any more of the cyst removals, but the rep from PetFirst said my Lifetime plan covered him for future removals as long as I have coverage- what a relief since our vet said it is something he will continue to suffer from.

Pet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.pngPet_Insurance_5_star_yellow.png      Dana H., 1/28/2015

In May of last year, my dog Clinker and I were hiking through the woods. She leaped off of the path to chase something and got hung up on a branch, creating a 10-12 inch skin tear down the inside of her hind leg. We rushed her to the vet, who was a bit wide-eyed at the damage, later confessing to me that she tried to hide how bad it looked. The staff had quite a time removing the broken pieces of the branch that were lodged under her skin, but Clinker was sewed back up and good as new within a few weeks. I had heard from numerous pet owners that their pet insurance didn't cover any claims that they had made, so I had never considered getting it, until my new neighbors told me about Pet First and how it had almost completely covered their dog's injury bills. Considering that I had a dog who would chase a deer to day's end, I reconsidered my views on pet health insurance. Months before her accident, I took the leap and signed Clinker up with Pet First. In the end, her vet bills were almost $2000, but we were only responsible for $80. Not only did Pet First make good on their coverage claims, but the process and paperwork were well explained, easy to follow, and the reimbursement was prompt.


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