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PetFirst Pet Insurance vs. Trupanion

Many pet health insurance plans look similar from a far, but PetFirst breaks down the nuances so you can see which pet insurance provider can give you and your dog or cat the best medical coverage.

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  PetFirst Pet Insurance    Trupanion Pet Insurance  
  Covers All Breeds & Ages Check No
  No Initial Exam Required Check No
  Shortest Waiting Periods for Industry Check No
  No Cancellation Fee Check Check
  No Time Restrictions on Starting Treatment Check Check
  No Annual Care Requirements to Keep Coverage Check No
  No Sign Up Fee Check No
  Benefits & Limits
  No Schedule of Benefits Check Check
  No Lifetime Limit Check Check
  No Per-Incident Limit Check Check
  No Diagnostic Test Limit Check Check
  Exam Fee Coverage Check No
  No Customary Charge Restrictions Check Check
  Healthy Pet Discount Check No
  No Reduced Reimbursement for Emergency Clinics Check Check
  Hereditary (Breed-Specific) Check Check
  Congenital Check Check
  Chronic Check Check
  Hip Dysplasia  (with no additional wait period) Check Check
  Cruciates Check Check
  Bi-Lateral Conditions Check No
  Holistic/Alternative Therapy  Check No
  Periodontal Disease Check Check
  Vaccinatable Diseases Check Check
  Orthopedic (with no wait period) Check Check
  Routine Care Options Check No
  Dermatological Conditions Check Check
  More than One Foreign Body Ingestion Check Check
  Injuries caused by Housemates Check Check
  Aging Pet Ear & Eye Conditions Check Check
  Experimental & Investigational Treatments Check Check

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