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Our Pet Insurance Coverage

At PetFirst, we're committed to providing your pets with the care they need for long, happy, healthy lives. With a PetFirst policy, we do not have lifetime payout limits or per-incident limits - only robust annual limit options that reset each 12-month policy year.

What do we mean by NO lifetime limits?

Some pet insurance companies  restrict the benefit amount for the pet over its lifetime. Which can be limiting if a younger pet contracts an expensive, chronic condition, or has to have surgery and rehabilition for a severe injury. This can leave them without cover for future incidents that may happen later in life.

With PetFirst, our annual limits ensure your pet will have coverage each year of its life, no matter how much you were reimbursed back in previous policy years.  

What do we mean by NO per-incident limits?

A per-incident (or per-condition) limit is the higest amount a pet insurer will reimburse for a specific illness or injury. Once you have exhausted this limit, the pet will not have coverage for this specific ailment. This can be problematic if the per-incident limit is $1,500, but your veterinary costs were $4,000. A per-condition limit or benefit schedule can really hinder the satification with your plan, because you can end up paying a majority of the veterinary care.

PetFirst offers chronic care coverage with no per-incident limits. You can be sure your pet will have coverage for issues like allergies, diabetes, cancer and orthopedic issues each year a policy is active, as long as there is not a lapse in coverage.

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Want the fine-print on PetFirst pet health insurance?

Click the image below to see a policy summary. We want to be sure you know exactly what is covered, from nose to tail for your dogs and cats. 

Pet Insurance Plan Summary

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