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PetFirst is committed to being a kind, humane, helpful advocate for you while you make health-related decisions for your pets, but you don't have to take our word for it. Listen to what some of our policyholders have to say about their experiences as part of the PetFirst family.

PetFirst Pet Insurance Reviews

  • All five of our dogs have policies with PetFirst. Once one of our dogs enters his/her “middle age,” we renew with higher coverage to take us through the upcoming elderly years. Yes, it is a monthly expense that needs to go into our household budget, and yes, there are years that we have no claims whatsoever.
    But when that moment arrives that an unexpected illness/accident comes thundering into a seemingly average day, nothing brings more relief to an extremely stressful situation as the knowledge of having insurance coverage.
    We do not have to choose a veterinarian’s course of action by what we can afford at that particular time as we know we have quite a large cushion of funds available through insurance before we need to even think about the personal cost to us. 

    We recently experienced a situation that reinforced my belief that pet insurance is worth every penny. One of our shepherds needed a growth removed from her foot (benign) and nothing much was thought about it as we knew insurance would cover the costs incurred. The total was approx. $1,100 and the claim was simple.

    A few weeks later, on a Saturday, a second dog of ours developed swelling on his muzzle. We rushed him to the after-hours emergency vet and it was determined that he had broken his molar. We were advised to contact our regular vet during normal office hours. (Just a side note:  It does not matter the reason why you visit an emergency vet, it is always expensive – sometimes, shockingly so!) By Monday, our dog appeared very ill and our regular vet took him in first thing. Our boy needed his molar extracted immediately and he was suffering from serious constipation. Needless to say, I was a wreck with nerves and worry as he had lost considerable weight within 2 days and was in terrible pain. However, as the doctor went over cost estimates, it was such a relief to be able to say, “do whatever needs to be done to help my boy.” I did not have to be concerned with the best case estimate nor the worst case – we had $10,000 of coverage for our boy! The extraction was a success as well as treatment of the constipation – life seemed normal again.

    But once again, we were thrown into turmoil. Our boy developed a head tilt. Our regular vet could not determine the cause and referred us to a neuro specialist. Just the word “specialist” conjures up floating dollar signs! But once again, we had the insurance policy to fall back on.  The neurologist performed many tests, ruling out things along the way. Thankfully, as determined by all the tests that have been run, our boy is the perfect picture of health – the head tilt was ruled idiopathic - and just as was suggested, it is going away on its own. And just as comforted as we were regarding having an insurance policy back on the day of the emergency vet visit, we didn’t blink an eye when the neuro specialist was required.  All in all, his bills totaled approx. $5,400! 

    Between such a short time span and having two dogs needing medical procedures, I cannot stress enough the importance of medical insurance for pets. The monthly premiums are automatically drawn from our account; the expense is worked into our budget just as the electric bill, grocery shopping, or monthly entertainment is budgeted. Totaling the yearly expense for a policy and comparing it to just one emergency veterinarian visit, the worth of the policy is easily determined. It is one thing to dip into the household savings for a couple hundred dollars for an emergency expense, it is quite another to withdraw thousands. And if the household has multiple pets…..well, it is easy to see those panic producing floating dollar signs.

    Thank you PetFirst!!
    Portrait of Claudia P. Claudia P. PetFirst parent since 2011
  • Our seven year old Chihuahua, Iggy, is a rascal. He’s always very lively, mischievous and playful but last year was a rough one for him.

    Suffering from severe gastric issues due to a gall bladder disease, Iggy was hospitalized for several days. When our regular vet could no longer treat Iggy, we were referred to a specialist in a distant town. There, we were given the choice of surgery to remove the gall bladder or a round of medications to try to treat it. I chose to try the medications and thank goodness, they worked.

    Our Iggy is once again healthy and happy. The cost would have been overwhelming to us if not for our PetFirst Pet Insurance. It was so easy to submit the claim, the customer service representatives were very kind and helpful. We received a reimbursement check for the covered services so quickly. It was a pleasure to deal with PetFirst and we are so confident that they will be there to help us with Iggy’s health when and if the need ever arises.
    Thank you, PetFirst!

    Portrait of Joycelyn B. Joycelyn B. proud pet parent of Iggy & PetFirst policyholder since 2013
  • When we first adopted Raegen at 8 weeks old from the Humane Society, she was a happy, energetic little pup! She slowly became lethargic and refused water and food. When she began vomiting paired with loose stools, we knew something was wrong. We took her to the vet where she was quickly diagnosed with parvovirus - an illness that the vet told me was deadly in 98% of dogs if left untreated.

    We had to take Raegen to the emergency 24-hour vet immediately where she was quarantined and put on IV fluids. Raegen was treated for about 48 hours before we saw a full recovery. With Raegen back to good health, it was time to pay the bills, which totaled over $1,400. With a new puppy and these medical expenses, my fiancee and I were so happy we had decided to enroll with PetFirst -- our policy saved our wallets while we saved our precious pup! We now recommend PetFirst coverage to all of our friends and family. Thank you PetFirst!
    Portrait of Amanda S. Amanda S. proud pet parent of Raegen & PetFirst policyholder since 2013
  • Our 6-year-old Shih Tzu, Ari, was getting a belly/back rub when my wife noticed a couple of hard bumps on his backside and a large soft lump near his esophagus. After a visit with the vet, they recommended removing them and sending them off to test for cancer. The good news is that Ari was cancer free, the bad news was, after the initial removal of the lumps, he ate through his stitches twice and ended up with staples after our third time to the animal hospital. PetFirst was so easy to use and we received a check for $329.45 in the mail for ALL of the visits to the vet- more than I had expected would be covered. I was concerned about my policy not covering any more of the cyst removals, but the rep from PetFirst said my Lifetime plan covered him for future removals as long as I have coverage- what a relief since our vet said it is something he will continue to suffer from. Portrait of Ryan M. Ryan M. from Consumer's Advocate
  • My experience with PetFirst has been extraordinary. Dixie was diagnosed with multiple environmental allergies the first year I had her. She was on allergy shots and had multiple visits to the vet due to skin infections. PetFirst helped to alleviate my anxiety regarding the cost of her medical care. Her allergies are now well under control.

    Dixie is my wild child, and when she was younger, she ran and played hard. She tore her right ACL about 5 or 6 years ago. PetFirst cut me a check for $1500 toward her surgical repair. She healed and was soon her old self, and unfortunately, proceeded to tear her left ACL about a year later. I thought surely, the insurance is not going to cover a second ACL surgery. To my surprise and joy, PetFirst did. I recommend PetFirst to all my friends and family who have pets. PetFirst has never let me down, and Dixie is a healthy spry senior citizen now. Thank you PetFirst!
    Portrait of Kimberly C. Kimberly C. proud pet parent of Dixie & PetFirst policyholder since 2007
  • I have 2 Miniature-Pinscher dogs from the same litter, male & female. When a small dog gets sick, the symptoms seem to appear quickly. Skipper was fine, but Gigi got lethargic and had diarrhea. A recent consumer alert about jerky dog treats was on the news. I saw tearful pet owners that had lost their beloved pets due to liver failure caused by jerky treats. I immediately took her to my trusted veterinarian for tests, and she had high liver enymes. After medication and IV fluids, Gigi made a full recovery in a matter of weeks.

    After this ordeal, my claim was handled promptly by PetFirst. I received an e-mail confirming the packet of copies arrived, and a follow-up message to fax additional exam results. I am happy to say I am very satisfied with the reimbursement and kindness of all the PetFirst pet insurance staff. I highly recommend this coverage for anyone's beloved pets.
    Portrait of Margaret D. Margaret D. proud pet parent of Gigi & PetFirst member since 2010
  • It was only after my poor kitty ingested some dental floss and racked up a large vet bill that I realized I needed to go ahead and make the decision to purchase health insurance for him.

    A couple of years later, Jack was in distress and was having trouble using the litter box. He kept trying, but nothing came out. I did not hesitate to take him to the vet immediately. He had a urinary obstruction and required a urinary catheter and a week stay at the vet. Knowing that I had pet insurance through PetFirst gave me confidence to get the best care for him. It also lifted a huge burden knowing that although I had to pay another large vet bill up front, I would be reimbursed for a large part of that bill. That was a comforting thought during a very stressful time.

    I also use PetFirst's routine care coverage to help out with preventatives such as yearly exams, vaccinations, and flea/heartworm medication. Getting yearly examinations will help keep Jack healthier so that we can enjoy many happy years together.
    Portrait of Christin J. Christin J. proud pet parent of Jack & PetFirst policyholder since 2011
  • I have a very sweet dog named Peggy Sue. Peggy Sue has several health issues that her vets and I have been fighting for several years now. She has Cushing disease and skin allergies. She also has had a couple of tumors removed over the years.

    I wish I had heard of PetFirst a long time ago. The best thing that I did was to see an ad in a newsletter at the vet's office. I called that day and PetFirst has saved me several hundred dollars. Recently Peggy Sue had to have another tumor removed from her liver. In the process, she had to have a small portion of her live removed. Thank goodness for PetFirst! They covered most of the bill. But the most important thing that PetFirst gave me was peace of mind. And that is priceless to me.
    Portrait of Mary Anne H. Mary Anne H. PetFirst member since 2010 & pet parent of Peggy Sue
  • About 3 months after adopting our big, solid black dog, he was playing in the dog park with his frisbee. It was hot and humid, but there were lots of shade trees and only a couple of other dogs in the park. After about 10 minutes, Chance went to the water bowl, drank heavily and lay down panting and started to yelp. We immediately took him to the water hose and sprayed him completely down with cold water.

    Since it was Sunday, we took him to the emergency vet hospital. There, his temperature was over 106 degrees, and it was determined that he was experiencing a heat stroke. The one vet had just started surgery, so we were told to go 15 miles to the other ER hospital or we could lose Chance. By the time we got there, the vet offered us a 50-50 chance of having a dog by the end of the day and wanted a $300 deposit to start treatment. We left Chance there the entire day and got him back that evening--a very very lucky dog and family!

    I talked with the PetFirst folks to make sure I was filing the claim correctly--the person was wonderful and the process for filing a claim was very clear and direct. Within a week, we received a check from PetFirst minus our deduction! No hassles at all! My husband about fell over! It was that simple! We both recommend this insurance for its coverage and ease of submitting a claim. We are grateful that this option exists for our furry family members. Thanks for all you do!
    Portrait of Jodi R. Jodi R. proud pet parent of Chance & PetFirst policyholder since 2013
  • When I adopted one-year-old Dexter at a shelter I was offered a special price on pet insurance by PetFirst. I had never had insurance on any of my animals before and thought it was probably too expensive. I am so thankful that my shelter gave me that PetFirst info. I got Dex signed up right away.

    Dexter is a very lovable boy, but has had a lot of health issues. First I found out that he is allergic to many, many foods and has to have a special diet. I may not have even had the allergy test done if not for that insurance and he would have continued to suffer by eating the wrong things.

    Then he was diagnosed with Pannus, an eye condition common in German Shepherds that is not curable but can be managed with eye drops. He also needs to wear special dog googles if he is out in bright sunlight.

    If not for his PetFirst insurance, I'm not sure how I would have been able to afford his medication. He is just too nice a dog not to take care of him to the best of my ability and PetFirst makes that possible! My other dog, Zoey, and my daughter's dog, Rufus, are now both insured with PetFirst as well.
    Portrait of Barb V. Barb V. proud pet parent of Dexter & policyholder since 2011
  • I had heard from numerous pet owners that their pet insurance didn't cover any claims that they had made, so I had never considered getting it, until my new neighbors told me about PetFirst and how it had almost completely covered their dog's injury bills.  Considering that I had a dog who would chase a deer to day's end, I reconsidered my views on pet health insurance.  Months before her accident, I took the leap and signed Clinker up with PetFirst. 

    In the end, her vet bills were over $800, but we received 90% back less our $100 deductible.  Not only did PetFirst make good on their coverage claims, but the process and paperwork were well explained, easy to follow, and the reimbursement was prompt.
    Portrait of Dana H. Dana H. proud pet parent of Clinker & PetFirst policyholder since 2012
  • I have two ten year old terrier mixes that have had PetFirst insurance since they were one year old. No matter how "tight" money was I have always kept their insurance current. A few months ago my dog was sick and had to go to the vet. I would not have been able to pay for this if I did not have insurance. After my copayment I was reimbursed 90 percent. The peace of mind that I have having PetFirst insurance is well worth the monthly payment. For over ten years I have never had a claim denied and I believe that my pets are healthier because of PetFirst. Portrait of Helen L. Helen L. proud pet parent of Buster & PetFirst member since 2008


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