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My experience with PetFirst has been extraordinary. Dixie was diagnosed with multiple environmental allergies the first year I had her. She was on allergy shots and had multiple visits to the vet due to skin infections. PetFirst helped to alleviate my anxiety regarding the cost of her medical care. Her allergies are now well under control.

Dixie is my wild child, and when she was younger, she ran and played hard. She tore her right ACL about 5 or 6 years ago. PetFirst cut me a check for $1500 toward her surgical repair. She healed and was soon her old self, and unfortunately, proceeded to tear her left ACL about a year later. I thought surely, the insurance is not going to cover a second ACL surgery. To my surprise and joy, PetFirst did. I recommend PetFirst to all my friends and family who have pets. PetFirst has never let me down, and Dixie is a healthy spry senior citizen now. Thank you PetFirst!
Portrait of Kimberly C. Kimberly C. proud pet parent of Dixie & PetFirst policyholder since 2007


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