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About 3 months after adopting our big, solid black dog, he was playing in the dog park with his frisbee. It was hot and humid, but there were lots of shade trees and only a couple of other dogs in the park. After about 10 minutes, Chance went to the water bowl, drank heavily and lay down panting and started to yelp. We immediately took him to the water hose and sprayed him completely down with cold water.

Since it was Sunday, we took him to the emergency vet hospital. There, his temperature was over 106 degrees, and it was determined that he was experiencing a heat stroke. The one vet had just started surgery, so we were told to go 15 miles to the other ER hospital or we could lose Chance. By the time we got there, the vet offered us a 50-50 chance of having a dog by the end of the day and wanted a $300 deposit to start treatment. We left Chance there the entire day and got him back that evening--a very very lucky dog and family!

I talked with the PetFirst folks to make sure I was filing the claim correctly--the person was wonderful and the process for filing a claim was very clear and direct. Within a week, we received a check from PetFirst minus our deduction! No hassles at all! My husband about fell over! It was that simple! We both recommend this insurance for its coverage and ease of submitting a claim. We are grateful that this option exists for our furry family members. Thanks for all you do!
Portrait of Jodi R. Jodi R. proud pet parent of Chance & PetFirst policyholder since 2013


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