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It was only after my poor kitty ingested some dental floss and racked up a large vet bill that I realized I needed to go ahead and make the decision to purchase health insurance for him.

A couple of years later, Jack was in distress and was having trouble using the litter box. He kept trying, but nothing came out. I did not hesitate to take him to the vet immediately. He had a urinary obstruction and required a urinary catheter and a week stay at the vet. Knowing that I had pet insurance through PetFirst gave me confidence to get the best care for him. It also lifted a huge burden knowing that although I had to pay another large vet bill up front, I would be reimbursed for a large part of that bill. That was a comforting thought during a very stressful time.

I also use PetFirst's routine care coverage to help out with preventatives such as yearly exams, vaccinations, and flea/heartworm medication. Getting yearly examinations will help keep Jack healthier so that we can enjoy many happy years together.
Portrait of Christin J. Christin J. proud pet parent of Jack & PetFirst policyholder since 2011


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