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When I adopted one-year-old Dexter at a shelter I was offered a special price on pet insurance by PetFirst. I had never had insurance on any of my animals before and thought it was probably too expensive. I am so thankful that my shelter gave me that PetFirst info. I got Dex signed up right away.

Dexter is a very lovable boy, but has had a lot of health issues. First I found out that he is allergic to many, many foods and has to have a special diet. I may not have even had the allergy test done if not for that insurance and he would have continued to suffer by eating the wrong things.

Then he was diagnosed with Pannus, an eye condition common in German Shepherds that is not curable but can be managed with eye drops. He also needs to wear special dog googles if he is out in bright sunlight.

If not for his PetFirst insurance, I'm not sure how I would have been able to afford his medication. He is just too nice a dog not to take care of him to the best of my ability and PetFirst makes that possible! My other dog, Zoey, and my daughter's dog, Rufus, are now both insured with PetFirst as well.
Portrait of Barb V. Barb V. proud pet parent of Dexter & policyholder since 2011


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