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When we first adopted Raegen at 8 weeks old from the Humane Society, she was a happy, energetic little pup! She slowly became lethargic and refused water and food. When she began vomiting paired with loose stools, we knew something was wrong. We took her to the vet where she was quickly diagnosed with parvovirus - an illness that the vet told me was deadly in 98% of dogs if left untreated.

We had to take Raegen to the emergency 24-hour vet immediately where she was quarantined and put on IV fluids. Raegen was treated for about 48 hours before we saw a full recovery. With Raegen back to good health, it was time to pay the bills, which totaled over $1,400. With a new puppy and these medical expenses, my fiancee and I were so happy we had decided to enroll with PetFirst -- our policy saved our wallets while we saved our precious pup! We now recommend PetFirst coverage to all of our friends and family. Thank you PetFirst!
Portrait of Amanda S. Amanda S. proud pet parent of Raegen & PetFirst policyholder since 2013


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