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I have a very sweet dog named Peggy Sue. Peggy Sue has several health issues that her vets and I have been fighting for several years now. She has Cushing disease and skin allergies. She also has had a couple of tumors removed over the years.

I wish I had heard of PetFirst a long time ago. The best thing that I did was to see an ad in a newsletter at the vet's office. I called that day and PetFirst has saved me several hundred dollars. Recently Peggy Sue had to have another tumor removed from her liver. In the process, she had to have a small portion of her live removed. Thank goodness for PetFirst! They covered most of the bill. But the most important thing that PetFirst gave me was peace of mind. And that is priceless to me.
Portrait of Mary Anne H. Mary Anne H. PetFirst member since 2010 & pet parent of Peggy Sue