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Veterinarians are our most valuable partners in our efforts to provide great care for pets of all ages and breeds, and this is our promise to you: We will offer pet insurance that doesn't promote or privilege managed care principles or animal hospital networks, and we will advocate for each veterinary clinic to establish its own fee structure. We won't interfere with your ability to do your job or your relationships with your patients and their families. It's that simple.

Pet insurance can benefit your practice and patients, since studies show that families with health insurance for their pets schedule 40% more veterinary visits, have 41% higher stop treatment levels, and spend twice as much on veterinary care over the lifetime of their pets. The more often you're able to see and care for these animals, the more likely you'll be able to identify and diagnose potential problems and help them lead happy, healthy lives.

With PetFirst, your clients will be reimbursed quickly based on what they pay at your clinic since we don't reimburse on a schedule of benefits. Let us help you and your clients focus on the health of your patients rather than weigh the financial benefits of treatment.