Did you know? Every 6 seconds a pet owner is faced with a vet bill of more than $1,000. Use any licensed vet or clinic. No vet exam required for coverage. Enroll online & save!
Animal shelters and pet rescue agencies are on the front lines when it comes to helping animals in need. Let PetFirst help you as you transition them from your facility to their forever homes.

We offer a 30-day coverage plan that ensures the pets you adopt out are covered for accidents and illnesses as they settle in with their new families. This plan provides $1,000 aggregate/ $500 per-incident limit of accident and illness protection. It reimburses 100% of vet bills after a $50 per-incident deductible. Adopters have the option to extend or upgrade their coverage at the time of activation, and there's always someone here who can help transfer coverage from your agency to their families.

We offer coverage for all dogs and cats, regardless of their age or breed, and our 30-day plans help to reduce health-related returns and phone calls, freeing you up to take care of the needs of the animals who have yet to find homes. We don't require you to sign a contract or meet a minimum number of adoptions to get started, so download the Adoption Program Guide and Coverage Summary below to learn more. Call us at 866-937-7387 today and let a PetFirst representative help you take the first steps.

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