Did you know? PetFirst has the shortest wait periods for accident & illness coverage. We make getting the best pet insurance plan easy. Enroll online & save money!
PetFirst Pet Insurance was co-founded by the former CEO of the Kentucky Humane Society. Serving for eight years in that capacity, he brings a unique understanding of the adoption process from a humane perspective.  PetFirst’s pet insurance plan was designed to integrate seamlessly with your current adoption process.

Request Information on Adoption Insurance Program

Email:    reorder@petfirst.com
Phone: 855-710-7387

Benefits of Providing Coverage to Adopters:

  • Pet insurance provides a safety net for adopters instead of making the tragic decision not to treat
  • Reduces health related returns and phone calls
  • Adds value to the adoption

 Why Choose PetFirst?
  • Available for dogs and cats of all ages
  • Coverage begins immediately following activation
    • No wait period on accidents and illnesses
    • Covers most accidents and illnesses
    • Covers incubating conditions
    • Covers holistic care
  • No time limit for activation
  • Reimburses 100% after a low $50 per-incident deductible

Adopters Love It!

Here is what Bryanna, a pet parent, said about our adoption insurance program:

“My pup Sherbert got Parvo Virus within the first week of adopting her. Luckily the humane society provided a 30 day trial of PetFirst.. I extended it and... it’s the best thing I have ever done.”
– Bryanna, Pet Parent to Sherbert and Porkchop


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