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Pet Insurance Plan Overview

Should your pet ever get sick or have a serious accident, PetFirst’s comprehensive pet insurance plans are always here for you. We strive to make the best pet insurance plans available to dogs and cats of all ages and breeds, providing them access to the best medical coverage and veterinary care options. Now, giving your loved ones the best pet insurance coverage is as easy as growing old together! 

Great Medical Coverage

PetFirst’s pet insurance plans provide great cat or dog health insurance coverage with no per-incident and no lifetime limits on the following:

Pet Insurance coverage for accidents checkmark Accidents Pet Health coverage for hereditary conditions checkmark Hereditary Conditions medical coverage for exam fees checkmark Exam Fees Pet Insurance Coverage for Holistic Care checkmark Holistic Care
Pet health insurance for illnesses checkmark Illnesses Congenital conditions pet insurance coverage checkmark Congenital Conditions Pet X-rays Insurance Coverage Checkmark X-Rays Pet Insurance for Cancer Checkmark Cancer
Insurance coverage for pet hospitalizations checkmark Hospitalizations Pet Insurance coverage for Chronic Conditions checkmark Chronic Conditions Pet Health Insurance for ultrasounds checkmark Ultrasounds Pet Medical Insurance for Hip Dysplasia checkmark Hip Dysplasia
Pet Insurance Coverage for surgeries checkmark Surgeries Coverage for Pet Diagnostic tests checkmark Diagnostic Tests Pet Insurance Coverage for Pet Medications checkmark Medications Pet insurance coverage for Emergency care Emergency Care

Enhance Your Pet Insurance Plan

If you're also looking for help with routine wellness care or want to enhance your current pet insurance coverage, we have additional coverage riders that you can add on to any of our plans. 
Don't wait until an unexpected illness or serious accident occurs. Start protecting your pet’s health with one of the best pet insurance companies around. Get a free pet insurance quote today!


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