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Lifetime Pet Insurance Plans

Our Lifetime Accident & Illness plan is designed to take care of your dog or cat throughout the ups and downs of their entire life. With chronic care coverage for pets and no lifetime or per-incident limits, only robust annual benefit amounts, our plan is perfect for dogs and cats of all ages.

Great Coverage You Get with PetFirst's Lifetime Plan:

  • Accident & illness coverage- including breed-specific, congenital and chronic care
  • Coverage for bi-lateral conditions
  • No additional wait period on hip dysplasia, patella luxations or orthapedic conditions
  • Covers unlimited foreign body ingestions per year
  • Periodontal disease covered
  • Cruciates covered after 12-months on plan
  • Reimbursement for holistic care or alternative therapies
You get to choose the deductible and reimbursement rate that works best for your pet's needs and your medical care budget. With PetFirst, you can upgrade or downgrade your coverage at any time.


Lifetime Plan

  Annual Limit    
  Eligible Ages
 All Ages (min. 8 wks)
90%, 80%, 70%
  Deductible Options
$50, $100, $250, $500
  Accidents &
  Hip Dysplasia
  Average Monthly 
  *rates based on age,
  breed & location
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With our Lifetime plan, any hereditary, congenital or chronic condition manifesting after the 14-day illness waiting period will be covered for the rest of your dog or cat's life, providing them with the care they'll need to live a happy, healthy life well into their golden years.

Common chronic conditions like hip dysplasia and severe allergies are among the concerns our plan will help you take care of. Because no incident, regardless of how big or small, has a lifetime coverage cap, you'll be able to care for your dog or cat for years to come.

You're also able to broaden your coverage with our routine wellness riders- which provide coverage for vaccinations, flea/tick preventative and can help reimburse for spay/neuter or teeth cleanings.

Find out which plan is right for your pet by starting your free pet insurance quote today.

Want the fine print on our Lifetime medical coverage? Click the image below to download our Lifetime Coverage Summary.
Lifetime Insurance Summary

Read the Lifetime plan exclusions.