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Why The Fine Print In Your Pet Insurance Policy Matters


No one likes reading the fine print of an insurance policy – mainly because it is boring – but also because it is filled with “insurance speak,” for which we need a translator to help us decipher what it actually means. At PetFirst, we pride ourselves on making our policy terms and conditions easy to understand and as transparent as possible.
Unfortunately, there are many pet health insurance companies that slide in exclusions in the general terms of their policy, so many pet parents miss them… until they need coverage for them and it’s too late.
As you are looking at dog insurance or cat insurance options for your pet, be sure to keep an eye out for the following loopholes, which could cause you disappointment in your coverage down the line.

Download our Pet Insurance Guide: Why The Fine Print In Your Pet Insurance Policy Matters as you try to navigate the best pet insurance policy for your dog or cat. 

Download Pet Insurance Guide

Download Pet Insurance Guide