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Meet Our Team

At PetFirst, we consider you and your cats and dogs part of our family. As pet owners ourselves, we know how important your four-legged friends are to you and we strive to give you the care that we'd want for our own animals. Get to know a litttle more about our outstanding team of pet healthcare pros and the dogs and cats that love them.
  • Portrait of Lansdon B. Robbins

    Lansdon B. Robbins

    Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

    A longtime entrepreneur, Lansdon helps guide PetFirst's future and shape our strategic initiatives. He's also the founder of Jeffersonville-based Service Net Solutions and has a lifetime of experience with customer service. Lansdon's background in client care is why PetFirst is so committed to your experience as a policyholder. A graduate of both UNC's and Northwestern's prestigious business administration programs, he loves hanging with his son and playing with their Jack Russell terrier, Lilly.
  • Portrait of Brent Hinton

    Brent Hinton

    Co-Founder and Vice Chairman

    Brent, our co-founder and vice chairman, spends his days planning PetFirst's strategy. After his dog, Midnight, passed away in 2003, he knew he wanted to start a company that would help pay for the unexpected costs that can come with veterinary care. Under his leadership, we've become the fastest-growing pet insurance company in North America, so you know he's doing something right. Before he ran point on our strategy, Brent was the CEO of the Kentucky Humane Society. A proud graduate of the University of Kentucky, he and his golden retrievers Skye and Aspen call Louisville home.
  • Portrait of Katie Grant Blakeley

    Katie Grant Blakeley

    Chief Executive Officer

    As our fearless leader, Katie keeps our customers, accounts, and team growing, supported, and productive. Before she came to PetFirst in 2004, she worked in marketing and equine management. Katie graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication from Marshall University and enjoys spending time with her terrier mix, Franklin, who accompanies her to work most days.
  • Portrait of Cindi Burleson

    Cindi Burleson

    Director of Compliance and Risk Management

    PetFirst wants to color inside the lines, and as our underwriting and compliance officer, Cindi makes sure we follow the letter of the law. A graduate of both the University of South Carolina and Arkansas Tech, Cindi keeps a close eye on the rules that govern veterinary care at the state and federal level. She and her husband adopted a sweet stray called Max--he just wandered into the backyard one day and they decided to keep him. He's a bit timid, but loves a good belly rub.
  • Portrait of Michael Walling

    Michael Walling

    Chief Financial Officer

    Michael handles our money and yours, making sure everyone gets paid on time and that all our books are balanced. His laser focus on the financial side of things ensures that we're more than able to help you navigate the economic landscape of veterinary care. Before he became our CFO, he ran the fiscal show at Republic Industries. A career accountant with degress from U of L and Sullivan, Michael spends his off time with his wife and their three Tonkinese cats, Oliver, Gracie, and Barnabas.
  • Portrait of Clint Lawrence

    Clint Lawrence

    VP of Sales and Marketing

    Clint is the engine that keeps PetFirst driving forward. As our VP of sales & marketing, he finds the new clients and associates that make up the PetFirst family of policyholders. Clint graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Murray State University and enjoys spending time with his wife, daughters, and labrador, Max. When he's not chowing down on strawberries, Max likes to go on walks and pull the girls behind him in a wagon!
  • Portrait of Taryn Pearson

    Taryn Pearson

    Director of Human Resources

    Taryn is the reason PetFirst is a fun, innovative, and supportive place to work. As head of our human resouces department, she's the driving force behind PetFirst's corporate culture, and she keeps us true to our core belief in care and value for every policyholder, associate, and partner. A graduate of Indiana University's journalism program and a certified human resources professional, she and her family love to spend time with their cat, Cupcake and dog, Sadie.
  • Portrait of Franklin T. Dog

    Franklin T. Dog

    Chief Wagging Officer

    Behind every great team is a great mascot, and Franklin is ours. Your're as likely to find him supervising us from a sunny spot in the office as you are to see him ripping the stuffing out of a toy. A rescue from Louisville Metro's Animal House, he makes sure Katie gets to the office on time every morning. He's very punctual and wouldn't dare be late for his morning snooze in the sunshine.


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