Did you know? Every 6 seconds a pet owner is faced with a vet bill of more than $1,000. Use any licensed vet or clinic. No vet exam required for coverage. Enroll online & save!

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

How Pet Insurance Works
Step 1 Take your pet  
to the vet
Step 2  Pay the   
vet bill        
Step 3  Send us claim, 
vet notes & invoice
Step 4  Get reimbursed
in two weeks

Pet insurance for dogs and cats works vastly different than human healthcare plans. Medical insurance for pets is owner reimbursement based. This works in favor for pet parents since it allows you to use any licensed veterinarian, emergency clinic or specialist in the United States. You don't have to worry if a provider is "in-network", because there are no networks. 

Pet Insurance Is Different Than People Insurance:

  • Owner-reimbursement
  • No network of providers to worry about
  • Use any licensed vet, animal hospital, emergency clinic or veterinary specialist nationwide
  • Veterinary offices don't have to "accept" it, because we do all the claim processing
  • Pet insurance companies don't want to mandate veterinary prices- that is why PetFirst pays a percentage of what you are actually being charged, not a pre-determined rate
  • Claims are processed quickly- in less than two weeks
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Pet Insurance Enrollment With PetFirst:

  • No vet exam required
  • Accident coverage begins at midnight EST following enrollment
  • Illness coverage begins 14-days later
  • Plans available for cats and dogs of all ages & breeds
  • No sign-up fee
  • No cancellation fee
  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • Pre-existing conditions will not prevent you from obtaining coverage
    • Just like all pet insurance companies, pre-existing conditions will not be covered. Find out more about pre-existing conditions. However, PetFirst will still enroll pets with current issues or conditions, and reimburse for any future issues that arise unrelated to the pre-existing condition. 
Get a free, no obligation pet insurance quote now to see how affordable healthcare coverage can be for your dog, cat or entire furry family. 

Flexible Pet Insurance Coverage With PetFirst:

  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel coverage at anytime
  • Ability to pay monthly or annually
    • Annual paying policyholders get an extra discount
  • You choose your annual benefit amount (it resets each year), reimbursement percentage and deductible
  • No per-incident or lifetime limits- you can be sure your pet has coverage for issues that pop-up, no matter what age
Not exactly sure what your looking for in dog or cat insurance coverage? Let us help you with your research. Check out our Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Pet Insurance article.