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claim Tales

MacDuff’s close call with a car

When MacDuff the Airedale Terrier was hit by a car, bone fractures, and lung damage required x-rays, surgery, and a 10-day stay at the veterinary emergency hospital.

Total Vet Bill $9,706

PetFirst Reimbursed $8,511

Gipper’s shocking ordeal

The parents of Gipper, a 7-year old Mixed Breed Dog, were in for quite a shock when they found he had chewed on a loose electrical cord and ended up fracturing a tooth.

Total Vet Bill $941

PetFirst Reimbursed $757

A chocolate-caused cause for alarm

Maggie the Aussie-Doodle got more than she bargained for after eating chocolate one night. She was rushed to the vet, and after many workups, she was able to be treated.

Total Vet Bill $1,565

PetFirst Reimbursed $1,319

Did you know? PetFirst has the shortest wait periods for accident & illness coverage.5

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